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#caffeinatedimagery #meow

Back at the digital camera life for a little…


Maybe my songs aren’t about you


How to Stay Inspired

These are just a few things I do to try to keep myself active and inspired to make images.

  • GO TO MUSEUMS: Look at other people’s art, be quiet and just look at it, let it help you feel something and write down what you’re feeling.
  • WRITE DOWN YOUR THOUGHTS: Whether it be anything from 
    "I’m Hungry" to "I am sorry I loved you when you couldn’t care about me" to, "I am sad/happy/etc". Recognize your thoughts, try to figure out if you want to explore them through your art.
  • GET UP: So often I find myself stationary and usually in bed when I am struggling with not knowing what to do next with my art. Whether it be just getting up to go to the kitchen or randomly hopping on a bus to go to the beach, get up and do something, try to feel something that will make you want to create.
  • RECOGNIZE WHAT YOU NEED: Maybe you have hit a block, maybe you need an inspiration detox, regain some emotional strength to re-approach your projects with my energy/motivation/passion. Take a self care day, go for a hike, clear your head and re-approach with fresh eyes.
  • READ: Anything. A novella, a newspaper, a guilty pleasure trashy teen novel, philosophy (I would suggest Nietzsche). Let ideas, themes, scenarios flood your mind, maybe it will help kick start your imagination :)

Hope these things can be as helpful to you as they are to me!

Have a great day!

Anonymous Can't wait to see the rest of your work!

Thank you so much :)! Have a lovely day

So excited to be printing tomorrow!!

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